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Stillness was created in 1985 and since then thousands of people have benefited from its techniques that go back hundreds and thousands of years to healers and teachers who understood how a clear mind leads to a clear body and soul.
The work was inspired by a need for my patients and myself to find a useful, easy to use a tool which would bring about an ultimate state of deep relaxation and wellbeing through the practice of being still and listening.

Listening means you pay attention to what your body is saying to you through your emotions and feelings of pain or joy and also to whatever is going on outside yourself which can be harmonious no matter what it may appear to be initially.

I take no credit in this work. The One that produced the script, the music and the ultimate work is the Great-Spirit God. He put the music and words and I just allowed them through. So as I was doing the meditation for myself to become harmonious, I was allowing this energy to flow through. That is the message of this work: that if you allow yourself to surrender and give it all to the Creator, everything will flow through you in perfect harmony,

The work is not perfect because it was made by a human, and it will bring, with repeated use, the desired changes in your life and the blessings that the creator has for you that you have not even imagined were in store for you, but you need to allow them by asking and you ask by loving yourself to give yourself the time to do it.

As this happens, most people within 30 days will experience being more calm, more focused and have more free time since this new state leads to efficiency and no waste of time and you end up with more time!!!!

Many patients will also report a decrease of their pain and therefore a reduction or elimination of pain medications. This was a huge revelation since no medication was used except a guided meditation. This proves that in these situations and perhaps all of them, there is a key component of mind over matter, but you have to develop it by starting with willing it.

And that is why I recommend you ask the Creator to assist you every time you do this exercise of Stillness meditation.

Initially I observed what happened to a group of my patients who listened to this work for 23 minutes twice a day for 14 days. At the end of the two weeks, this is what I observed:
-All reported an improvement in sleep, more calm and less stressed
-Blood pressure dropped from 10-20 points in 80% of patients with high blood pressure and these decreased their blood pressure medication from 20-30%
-Patients required less nutritional supplements to reach a desired effect
-There was a reduction of pain and/or decrease in pain medication in 75% of the patients with pain
-All patients reported an improvement in their ability to be aware of their bodies and the world around them
-The speed and movement of white blood cells in a blood specimen improved in 85% of the patients suggesting an improvement in the immune system


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