Dr. VictorMarcial Vega

Dr. Victor Marcial Vega is a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist, graduated from Johns Hopkins Hospital, University and School of Medicine, 1984 – 1988. Victor was a professor in the medical schools at Washington University and University of Miami. In Puerto Rico he is currently the chief physician of a specialized program teaching Integrative Medicine at Universidad Central del Caribe. In 2015 Dr. Marcial-Vega became the first PuertoRican to be awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Comprehensive and Integrative Medicine. With a private practice in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dr. Marcial Vega’s integrative medicine endeavors are founded on the ongoing dialogue between patient and healthcare practitioner, becoming a team, to achieve the patient’s optimal health.

What isTEO?

The therapeutic essential oils (TEO) are sourced directly from nature and are free from contaminants such as polluted soils or pesticides. The TEO does not contain fillers nor artificial ingredients, and are the pure end product after very strict quality control practices.

How astonishing that the baby boy’s name: Teo is of Greek origin, meaninggift of God’.  Therapeutic essential oils are provided by nature through the meaningful care and proper handling of farmers committed to high standards of quality, and social as well as global responsibility; turning the end product into true gifts to be appreciated and cherished.

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to improve our patients health and achieve a state of well being through the use of Integrative Medicine. This will promote less toxicity in the body and provide nutrition. Better sleep, increased enegry, less need for medication, vitality and peace of mind are some of the benefits our clinic has to offer.

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    Prevention in health care is the best way to avoid any risk. Washing your hands, eating a balanced diet, sleeping fully for 8 hours, and focusing on what makes one happy, are some of the practices that can be applied in everyday life to prevent diseases or deplorable conditions.

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    What we offer

    Everybody should enjoy a good quality of life. But when the body presents certain conditions that can deteriorate that quality, we must resort to a variety of modalities that can help bring the body back to a healthy state.